Friday, 24 February 2012

Ollie Phelps & Harry Moseley

Ollie Phelps... I think?
Ollie and James Phelps are recognised the world over as, respectively, George and Fred Weasley from the hugely successful Harry Potter films, but there’s another Harry very close to their hearts… their friend, Harry Moseley.

My girlfriend, Jenny, and I spoke to both Ollie and James recently, to collect material for a book we’re working on, in tribute to Harry, who died last October – aged 11 – after a four year battle with brain cancer. In his all-too-short life, and since, he’s helped raise more than £650,000 for cancer charities.

I’ll be posting clips from both interviews, which we recorded separately. Ollie is first up simply because we spoke to him first, rather than because I’m balding and James has (in the interview, though apparently it’s been chopped, now) long and luxurious hair, which made me jealous. (Ollie has short and luxurious hair, which made me jealous.)

Please be aware that the audio isn’t too great, at times, due to background noise at the hotel where we met. The videos were recorded so I could transcribe the interviews (as my shorthand is rubbish and my memory is rubbisher), rather than for the explicit purpose of broadcasting them… creating the YouTube clips was an afterthought, kindly agreed to by Ollie and James.

You can follow Ollie on Twitter at @OliverPhelps - and James is at @James_Phelps … it’s their birthday, tomorrow – 25th February!

And please follow Harry Moseley’s Mom, Georgie, on Twitter, at:

And if you’d like to make a donation to Harry’s ongoing fundraising efforts, his website is here:

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  1. Great job, Les - so so proud of the work you're doing.


  2. What a worthwhile cause. Thanks for doing so much to help make our world a better place, Les. I'll be so happy to share this on Twitter and help spread the world.

  3. What an amazing cause! Fantastic work.