Thursday, 6 January 2011

The Meaning of Life

Imagine if everything you took for granted was taken away from you?

What would be left?

Would you even have eyes to look for the things that were suddenly missing?

Would you have arms and hands to feel around in the dark, or a body at all?

If you could still shout for help, would there be anyone there to answer?

I’ve been considering the biggie – “The Meaning of Life” – and it seems so obvious that the meaning of life is to experience life, but when so much of our experience is taken for granted and overlooked, can we say we are truly living?

Perversely, in our search for the meaning of life, we lose sight of it. It stares us in the face all of the time and we just can’t see it.

Following on from that opening, theoretical question…

Imagine if everything that was taken away from you – all that you’d mourned the loss of and wished you’d cherished while you could - was given back?

If you had come to terms with the death of everyone you love, and there they were, in hug’s reach, to smile at and cry and laugh with again?

Would you shush a child so you could focus on a soap opera, or shoo a cat from the computer desk because you were busy on Twitter?

Would you miss the opportunity of watching the Sunset, or to stare up at the clouds and feel the rain on your face?

Imagine… being able to experience everything afresh?

Of course, the truth is, you can do that right now.

It’s just a matter of perception, and changing that perception is your choice... right now.

The meaning of life… is to live… right now.

Stop searching.

Wake up.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

The Futility of Regret

The psychological debris from the past which burdens the majority of us through our lives is nothing but an illusion of our minds.

Deep-seated anger, guilt, regret, prejudice, the inability to forgive – whether that be yourself or others – and every other issue that muddies what otherwise would be a clear mind is simply not real.

These things don’t exist outside your thoughts.

An absolute truth is that the past can never be fixed, just as you can’t, right now, fix a car that is sitting on a driveway in 1987 – not even if you hire a quantum mechanic.

So why worry?

The present moment - the only place you will ever experience true life - is a place you can let go of your anger, release yourself of your guilt, open your eyes to how foolish your judgement and prejudice was, and forgive.

Let it all fall away and live your life, right now.

Happy New Year!