Thursday, 20 December 2012

The Transformation of Humanity

Good news is rarely reported in this world of ours.

In each minute of the horrendous events in Connecticut, last week - which left 27 innocent children and adults dead – there were approximately 255 births across the world… perhaps a thousand new births while that man I don’t want to and won’t remember unleashed his madness.

I don’t believe in supernatural evil, but it’s true that some humans are capable of expressing and executing a most unnatural and malevolent manifestation of hate. This is a psychological aberration, rather than demonic influence.

The mind – the egoic mind - can become a very dark place, and it is a human trait that we can become, all too easily, lost in that darkness.

I found out, a couple of weeks ago, that my friend from school killed herself.

Ironically, she was a mental-health nurse, and cared for many people through her career. She made some bad decisions, it seems… she slept with one or more of her patients, and when that was found out, she spiralled into that shadow of mind which convinced her that the best option was to take her life. She died in a mental hospital.

I loved that woman, when I was a teenager… I adored everything about her… and I mourn her. I am so sad that I wasn’t there to help her see a way through.

I realise she’s like humanity in microcosm.

All the people she helped, and all the life she had ahead, and she must have been so focussed on the negatives that she neglected to realise how bright and beautiful she was… and is… and how much she still had to give to the world.

What she did… it didn’t matter… not in the grand scheme of things… she just had human feelings with others who had human feelings… but the pressure from outside caused her to believe that she was no longer useful or worthy to this world of ours. And she killed herself.

When tragedies occur, in our world – when many people die at once – we too quickly assume that it’s the state of our world.

What we fail to remember is that for every person who dies, many children are born; or for every celebrity divorce, multitudes more fall in love.

We are a beautiful species, bound by love, and love is such a special thing.

We wouldn’t still exist if we didn’t love each other.

Humanity is transforming all the time. It doesn’t take one day of superstition to mark this.


Everyone close to you.


Everyone you think you can’t love.



And you WILL transform humanity.

And if you can do that, you are a gift to our species and this Universe.