Monday, 14 January 2013

Introducing... Orion the Jedi Cat!

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but my superb, little fluffy friend, Orion, is proof that kitties are far superior at advancing their skills in later years.

Orion - non-identical twin of Titan the Ticklepuss - developed the Jedi Mind Trick ability (displayed in the videograph above) at the aged of 12, and while his brother has to meow loudly to demand us to do his bidding, Orion learnt that waving his paw at his human assistants melts our hearts and makes us carry out his wishes in a much more prompt fashion.

It is completely irresistible and I'm surprised he doesn't weigh 50kg, since each time we open the fridge, he's there on the kitchen table, paw out, with his cute commandment to feed him bits of ham or chicken, or ham and chicken.

When he's sitting on the computer desk and we're looking too long at not him, the little paw gently brushes against our forearms and a snuggly stroke is immediately delivered.

I don't know what compelled Orion to teach himself how to do this, especially in his advancing years, but it was a stroke of feline genius.

Clever boy!


  1. The power of the paw! This is lovely Les, thanks for sharing.

  2. Our Tiger striped cat, Scooter, has always used his paw to reach out and touch to get our attention and a pet. The only problem is Scooter has really big paws with really big claws. He doesn't mean to hurt, but he does. So, we have to watch out for the reaching paw and pet before he actually makes contact.

  3. Your cat, and indeed your adoration of him and all feline s has made me smile, well, grin actually :)

  4. I really enjoy your writings, Les. I have a tremendous love of the Feline so reading your kitty stories are very relateable & delightful! @KisaraCats

  5. Too sweet. Clever thing. I love that you love cats as much as I do. Keep the stories coming they are delightful.

  6. Boogaire! Orion is a genius!