Thursday, 17 January 2013

2013: A New Hope

As 2012 came to a close and the New Year dawned, so, too, for many people, came a new hope.

2012 – particularly, the 21st December - was touted, for decades previous, as a time of either cataclysm or catalyst to a new era of peace and cooperation, depending on who you listened to or which authors you read.

In truth, nothing of any great spiritual significance occurred on the 21st. There was no ‘cosmic moment’; no Galactic alignment; no balancing of the ‘divine feminine’… no rapture… no earthquakes… no collision with Planet X/Nibiru.

It was, to all intents and purposes, just another day.

Those who placed great significance on that day may tell you otherwise; particularly if they sold a lot of books and seminar seats in the run-up, imparting secrets of how people could attune themselves to receive the angel’s blessings, or whatever other spiritual gifts they were touting…

There are ‘spiritual teachers’ who remain at least outwardly convinced (and, I suspect, have fooled even themselves into believing) that there was a ‘cosmic moment’ and a new, spiritual energy has entered humanity.

One prominent angelologist insists that 31% of humanity have transcended to the fifth dimension, as well as 57% of animals – no doubt, including some particularly friendly wasps.

She also infers that the outbreaks of ‘flu and norovirus is directly related to the ‘purification process’ of this new energy. Of course, the truth is that these sicknesses appear every single winter.

Although it may have seemed as though these people were offering a chance of salvation to their loyal fans, what they were actually doing was exploiting their fears.

As many as one in ten people were afraid of the eventualities that the 21st December, 2012, could bring about. That fear didn’t just fall out of thin air and into their minds; it was, like most irrational terrors, taught… or bought.

Now, it’s 2013 and we should all resolve to reject further ‘prophecies’, however well-intentioned they may appear on the surface. We need to put an end to collective superstition and start living without fear.

That’s not to say that we can’t make transformational changes to improve the world, but we can begin or reaffirm that process today – right now – by adopting a more positive and cooperative mind-set. We don’t have to wait for some mystical set day in the future for conditions to become right.

It is right, now.

Make 2013 your greatest year, then 2014 even better… and so on…

“No fate but what we make.” – Sarah Connor, ‘Terminator 2: Judgement Day’


  1. I love your frankness! And I agree that so many people don't know what affect they have by what they preach, don't really know themselves...but...can I troll for a minute? :D

    The way I deal with all the prophecies, astrological predictions and whatnot is that I see it in the way that my astrologer puts it - a planet doesn't suddenly shift into another sign. It doesn't go from A to B instantly. It gradually moves closer and closer, peaks on a certain day at a certain time, then gradually moves away again. Depending on the location, this process can take years (eg. Saturn takes 28 years to move through our chart) or a month (eg the Moon).

    So with the 21st December malarkey, I told myself that all this 2012 stuff was gonna be gradual. A symbol, more than anything. Looking at the year as a whole, regardless of whether it happened because of a Mayan prophecy, planetary alignment, or just because we said it was going to happen, so we made our own reality, you must see that stuff has changed.

    Not in one day, obviously. As you say.

    But look back to 2011 and I think in the past year, massive networks of new agey types have developed online via Facebook and Twitter. I felt this anyway - I don't know if you did. The same with nature lovers.

    Anyway, lots of love great article, nice to have found your page!!!! xxx

  2. Nicely stated, Les. It is about time we stop giving our personal power of choice away to calendars and prophets. This moment is the point of choice. This moment is the point of power. Right here, right now, no matter what day or time it is. The day of transformation is the day we decide to stop waiting for someone else to say it's time.

  3. I am all about living in the moment and taking the present day as important. It is sad how people get all worked about about certain dates. Just live now and quit worrying about what all these fear mongers are saying. I really enjoy your writing and your blog. Happy New Year!

  4. You have a moral inclination that understands the make up of humanity. You don't hide behind primitive fears, nor do you try to exploit them. I really enjoyed your blog and wish I had read it sooner. I think that your message is one that many more should read. I hope this year and many to follow, bring you health and well being.

  5. Well written, the Universe does not run on our man made linear time, from our time on earth, our history is no more or less the history before the time of man. There are always those that seek to control through fear, with no solid proof of anything, just an egoic story that profits them.

  6. You know what? I did mark the date in my diary with the thought that if even a little change to our condition here on this rock for the better marks the day then woohoo. If it turned out that the Mayan who carved the wheel of stone calendar just simpjy ran out of space, then so be it. But here's the funny thing, Just by acknowledging this date, to me represents an intention by me unconsciously or consciously to look for good and make good. So yeah, in my plain of consciousness life seems more enlightened than before.

  7. May be a little tough to look back on such hope for 2013 right now, when you are in such a sad place, but good to remember. Hug, Carole

  8. During the 1950s, Walter Cronkite hosted a show that dramatized history. It was called "You are there" He ended every episode with the same tag line, one that applies every day... "And what kind of a day was it? A day like every day, that alters and illuminates our time."

  9. I didn't think there was anything to the prophecies or whatever people were saying about December 2012. People have been predicting the end of the world for years and it still hasn't ended. The next one I think it 2060. Supposedly Isaac Newton predicted it. Is it going to happen? Probably not but something will.

  10. End of the world? No. But a subtle shift, yes, I believe there is starting to be, but that it's not a specific event, more of a gradual process. I'm seeing an awareness of something much greater, a sense of connection, in people I would otherwise have thought to be totally uninterested by such things. I think we live in fascinating times and that 2012 was just a marker. A time when, hopefully, we start living from the heart.