Tuesday, 19 July 2011

2012 & The Awakening Phenomenon

It’s important that you read this post slowly and carefully, as it contains vital information about your life. Imagine your voice is being played back in slow motion;  reduce the speed of the movement of your eyes as you look across the page and read every word, and please ensure you absorb the entire post.

The awakening phenomenon is occurring all over the planet.

Irrespective of race, creed, colour and all other demographic labels,  people are letting go of their emotional chains and destructive mental patterns – microcosmic of the symptomatic dysfunction in consciousness of a civilisation that has been corrupted over thousands of years by the will of the few – and are waking up to their true nature, their true potential, their true power and to true life.

This is actually happening.

I know some people reading will be rolling their eyes and thinking I’ve been on the gin, but it’s more than likely you know someone who has gone through the same seemingly impossible shift of consciousness, even if they’re not quite sure what exactly happened, yet.

Ask around…

And then, some of you – quite a lot of you, it seems – will know exactly what I mean, because you’ve either woken up already or have begun that process of awakening.

I’ve received a lot of comments, Tweets and emails on the subject of awakening since applying steam to the work I want to do through my blog, and it seems that at least every other day, I meet someone else who has woken up… and people of all backgrounds; just normal, everyday folk, who have stumbled into what appears to be a miraculous new world.

I’ve also had quite a few emails on the subject of 2012 and the connection to awakenings, and how we should ‘prepare’ ourselves for the events of next year.

For the uninitiated, the advent of 2012 – specifically, Friday 21st December, 2012  - brings with it the end of the time and space… the Universe will cease to be…

… or it could be less widespread, and involve a global cataclysm, bringing about the end of the world…

… or the collapse of civilisation as we know it…

… or we may be liberated from our folly by aliens who will finally reveal themselves to us, disarm all our weapons, cleanse our environment and help us grow up as a species… 

… or we may shift from the third dimension to the fourth, fifth and sixth dimensions – and some bright spark is going to make a fortune from selling special glasses if this particular prophecy comes true.

There are even some people who believe that 2012 will lead to… 2013…


Basically, you can find thousands of different theories and variations of theories on the subject… and obviously not all of them are going to happen, if any at all… so which of the people behind these bold statements are telling the truth, which are exaggerating the possibilities and which – as we say here in England – are talking out of their arses?

I have no idea, to be quite honest, but here’s my take on how to deal with the oncoming whatever of 2012…

Don’t worry about it.

Just put it out of your mind completely, because it’s 2011 at the time of writing this…

Even if you’re reading this in the future, in the actual space-year 2012, don’t let it stress you. The very fact that you’re cozied up, browsing the internet, shows that nothing particularly bad is happening to you at the very moment of reading these words.

I suppose there is a remote possibility that you’re reading this right on 21st December, 2012, and you’re looking out of your penthouse window at the approaching Godzilla, knowing you’re about to die, and you have the urge to write one last comment on my blog, stating - probably with lots of exclamation marks at the end - that I was very, very wrong.

If that’s the case, I’m sorry – but if you’d read my blog earlier than now, you’d have had the foresight to buy a microlight for just such a situation, wouldn’t you? It’s not that you couldn’t have afforded it, what with the cost of that fancy apartment. You’d be up on the roof already, laughing as you crank up the engine and put on your flying goggles.

I digress…

I know that the awakening phenomenon is a truth, because I’ve been lucky enough to experience it first-hand.

I also know that those who haven’t yet experienced it first-hand have no idea whether I’m telling the truth, simply because it sounds so implausible that I could shift from being a ‘lifer depressive’ to being completely at peace, with ancient wisdom spontaneously flooding my head, within the space of an hour.

I love the idea of UFOs appearing all over the planet next year - and I have watched quite a lot of footage on YouTube of some very mysterious sightings - but do I really believe that they’re going to reveal themselves, en-mass?


How could I possibly be 100% sure of that and say yes?

And it’s not that I don’t believe in intelligent life from other planets… in fact, the complete opposite is true – of course there must be. You just have to look up on a clear night and realise how many other stars and galaxies there are out there in the Universe, and of course there’s life out there, with species that have survived and developed for millions and millions of years, compared to the human civilisation which is only about 13,000 years old.

It’s just that when I read messages posted on the Internet (often with shocking grammar) from these so-called ancient masters of the cosmos, announcing that they are about to carry out complete disclosure and uncloaking of the motherships that are already stationed in Earth’s orbit, it all sounds a bit like someone has been on the gin and, with whatever good intent, they’re basically typing out something that other people would love to actually happen and may retweet or like on Facebook.

For me to believe this, it’s really going to be a case of them beaming into my room, looking me in the eye, and saying, either vocally or telepathically: “It’s cool, Les, we’re real and we’re here to save the world!”

Then I’d say: “Ace! But don’t ask me to spread your message to the wider world, because I have a big file at my doctor’s surgery that states I’ve been a bit of a mentalist in the past – so would you go and tell everyone else now, please?”

And I’m totally open to the fact that there may be people who have had direct contact with these beings… whether classed as aliens or angels or whatever else… but the truth is that I haven’t, so it would be wrong of me to make statements to the contrary by passing on information that I can’t verify as fact.

The difference between the awakenings and all these other speculations and predictions is that you already have this same peace and knowledge inside you, and all it will take for you to shift your consciousness is the awareness of that consciousness.

Unless you have some genuine physiological condition that affects your brain functions, it is possible for you to wake up right now.

It’s not possible for you to see a flotilla of alien craft in space right now. It’s not possible for you to witness what may happen on 21st December 2012 right now. It’s not possible for you to be in some alternate dimension right now… I know that because I don’t publish my blog there, yet, though I do have a Google+ account.

You are here, right now…

... now… if you took notice of the first paragraph of this post, you’ll have been reading slow and carefully to this point.

The physical reading of the words and the attention you gave them anchored you into the present moment.

Assuming you did place your full attention on the words… where did those scathing thoughts about that part of your body you’re unhappy with go while you were reading? Or about the bill you were worried about paying? Or the pain of that relationship that never worked out? Or that person who bullied you 20 years ago, at school?

Your mind was silenced by the attention to the moment.

And through that silence, you awakened… however briefly…

This same silence is there when people read books, listen to music, dance, laugh, paint, sculpt, write, surf, skydive, stare out across the beauty of mountain landscapes and make love (not all at the same time, unless you’re some ace multi-tasker).

It’s through freedom from the destructive, repetitive, critical dialogue of the mind that we experience the greatest joys of real life.

And when you disarm the dysfunctional, egoic mind, you simultaneously remove yourself from the dysfunctional collective consciousness that causes the wider horrors in humanity.

At any point during the careful reading of this post did you feel a strong urge to have your country go to war with another nation? Did you have a particular revulsion to homosexuality, people you may have earlier considered were the wrong colour, or a staunch belief that women shouldn’t drive cars or be able to vote?

Present awareness gives you the peace within to force the silence of the mind that allows you to wake up, to experience true consciousness… and that’s why I would say that nobody should be worried about 2012, or any of the possibilities to come, because you have life available to you right now.

To change the world, we must first change within – and this internal change is absolutely possible, as you know, because you’ve just proven to yourself that you can silence your mind and rid yourself of all the destructive mental debris that you may have felt would never allow you to change.

This is more important to you than possible UFO saviours, developing an understanding of crystals and energy balancing, or trying to prepare, emotionally, for a cataclysm.

You are the change.

You are the key component in the transformation from a violent, greedy, ever-judgemental society, towards a veritable heaven on Earth.

And when you’re there, in the moment, at peace, loving your life, you’ll know that all that’s needed to make that change happen across the whole planet is more people just like you.


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  2. I see you posted this around 2.38 this morning. At this moment, as people are reading your 'message,' I expect you will be asleep. What you have written cannot be argued with, at least in general terms. But I look forward to reading the comments made by your followers.

  3. It was a late one, yes, Gladys - woke up an hour ago to beautiful Sunshine!

    The blog is a bit of a ramble, but I hope people can see the value underneath the words. :-)

  4. "Lord I was born a ramblin’ man
    Tryin to make a livin and doin’ the best I can
    When it’s time for leavin I hope you’ll understand
    That I was born a rambling man..." Allman Brothers

    As in the song, while rambling, you have gathered some deep thoughts.

    To stave off the pleasures of life in anticipation of doom on 12/12/12 would be a senseless waste, and we all know...life waits for no one.

    Great rambling, Les.


  5. Hi Les, as I read your post I was amused, entertained, perhaps even enlightened somewhat, and most of all, comforted. I awakened many years ago, but all too often felt alone. I also often wondered what some of these folks were smoking. Anyway, it is indeed comforting to know others are awakening, perhaps there is hope for the human race yet. :)
    Perhaps, as the year 2013 rolls around without much actual ado, we can raise a digital glass of gingerale together and toast the next impending shift in human awareness.
    Keep up the good work, Pru

  6. Ah, hehe, thank you so much, Eden.

    Yeah, we're in the here and now and it's rather good if we look around. :-)

    You're ace! :-)

  7. Prudence, I think some of the 'guidance' out there is extraordinary and even to the point of being very dangerous. I need to write a follow up to this blog about my first 'spiritual mentor' who fed me stuff that could have caused a breakdown... and now she's setting herself up as a 'heart-centred thought leader' to 'gather' people... she doesn't have a clue - it's as though she's trying to buy a ticket for safe harbour during armageddon.

    I think there are going to be a lot of confused and disillusioned people come 22nd December, 2012... wondering why they've spent so much of their time and money fearing something that was never going to happen.

    It's great to meet another full-awakened soul. ;-)

  8. Again amazing! The positive energy you have with in you has spread with this blog. Thank you.

  9. Wonderful. I awoke in 2003, the year the earth stopped its wobble, and my wobble through life ended. I was a bit of a "mentalist" too, and then I became silent enough. I've always been a firm believer that 2012 is a change in perspective, some of us will get it and some of us will not. Don't stop spreading the word, because if enough of us awaken, we can change the world, and peace and compassion will endure and all else will fade away. Our childlike behavior will become mature, and we will move past this age of insecurity and materialism, and into the next. :)

    1. "when i was a child i spake as achild i walked as a child and i behaved as a child,but when i became a man i put away childish things"

  10. Yes, it's no far stretch of the imagination to see that we are still an evolving species and we absolutely can grow out of this violent, uncaring adolescent phase and actually turn out to be quite decent adults. :-)

    I think 2012 could be a self-fulfilled prophecy - if enough people want this change, we'll get it... and it doesn't matter what the years is... 2013 or 2014 would be fine, too. ;-)

  11. Ah, Les, you're the best kind of crazy -- the kind who cares.

    Listen, I feel like I woke up about ten years ago. Mind ablaze, eyes on fire, muscles tensile, I've been a speeding train for a decade now. Problem is, the world I know has been trying ever since to put me right back to sleep. Fight against the dying of the light y'all! Snap the EFF out of it!

  12. I'm not crazy... the crazy people are the ones who are crazy. I'm doing ace. ;-)

    It's weird, Jason, there really are more people waking up, so perhaps you won't have to try so much to stop people from dragging you down when you start seeing others reach your dizzy heights.

    Let's face it, the species is f**ked if something doesn't happen along these lines. :-P

  13. Niiice. You've been reading the Flower of Life, haven't you? *sigh* It's freaked me out...

    Anyway, my dad says the poles will switch their magnetic fields, which has supposedly happened 10000 years ago, and he's a pretty smart guy. :P

    I think that you're right. But. The awakening will never truly happen as long as we are attached to technology. Sorry but that's why we need the cataclysm in the first place.

    I'll go now before someone kicks me out. :D

  14. I should have it finished by the end of August, Gladys. :-)

  15. I haven't heard of the Flower of Life, Lyn. I've banned myself from reading any other books on the subject until I've finished my own.

    I have technology in my life, and so do the dozens and dozens of other people I've met online since I started pushing this blog, who have also gone through this experience.

  16. I too have had a bit of an awakening. Getting into things like Quantam mechanics, the study of the Universe and yes, aliens. When you just allow one of these subjects to begin to seep into your consciousness you are essentially starting an awakening.

    If you look at the real science of these things there is irrefutable evidence that challenges our POV in a big way. I'm not sure if we need a cataclysm to affect this or not, but I look forward to the time when the whole world is united in this new awareness.

  17. I think you have to be wary, when awakening, of then moving on to immersing yourself in a topic so deeply that you essentially return to the state you were in before.

    There's not enough time in this life to know everything there is to know, so searching for all the answers takes you out of the moment again, on a futile journey of seeking. It's fine to have this search as an interest, but if you make it your whole life, you are missing out on life.

    Cataclysms, alien salvation and many other theories are supposition.

    The most important thing we can do is be the best we can be, right now - and everyone can do that.

  18. I love your writings Les and this one has just jumped up there as number 1 for me.
    If any one thinks that nothing is happening you just have to ask yourself "where was I ten years ago". Heck "where were you one year ago" [In understandings /knowings I mean]
    All the things that are discussed now and all the probabilities would never have been discussed at all or very rarely. Everywhere I look now I am meeting people that are living in the NOW, who love life now this moment. Oh heck I think I am rambling,this is why I do not blog and generally don't comment either.
    Does any one else feel that time is speeding up? Or another way to put it is that time as we know it is folding in on itself. :)

  19. As you get older and there's more 'time' behind you, it does seem like it goes faster. I think that's a relative thing, though.

    There are so many people waking up... but it will need masses more to make any discernible difference in the world. We can change our own bubbles of life, but we need all of these bubbles to come together.

    I believe it can happen. :-)

  20. Les, I am new to your blog and absolutely love it! I have been awakening since the harmonic convergence (late 80s), but more recently my eyes have been open. The one thing that is completely palpable for awakening people (in my view) is the leaving behind of some important people in our lives. It's true.

    We find that there is no longer a connection and some people we thought would never, ever not be a part of our lives are no longer a part of our lives! It's frightening at first ... it's not that they're being left behind. It's just that we are all being guided to various connections that will help support the newer higher vibrations.

    Do I think the world will end in 2012. No. I have read Greg Braden's book: FRACTAL TIME and anyone on this path should pick up a copy. It will catapult you even further into the awakened state.

    Love your work, love your blog, would love to see your book/manuscript and maybe we can work together. I'm an editor and love to work with people who can sustain my attention while helping them get the word out. I won't post a shameless website or my email. But should you wish to contact me. Just let me know.

    I believe we can rise above the deafening destruction (which has to occur)as we start awakening to the possibilities that lie ahead.

  21. Thank you, Michele! I've barred myself from reading any more books on spirituality until my manuscript is done and dusted, but I'll add that one to the list of reading for when I'm finished.

    I think the most important thing is waking up to the moment, rather than the possibilities ahead. All that we do is in the moment. If we make ourselves more tolerant, peaceful and forgiving now, then that's the greatest preparation for anything in the future.

    Very intrigued about the editing, which is something I'll need, for sure. Can you email me? The address is: lesismblog@gmail.com

    Thanks! :-)

  22. I understand the need to keep focused on your book. But for your other readers, here are some quote from Fractal Time:

    "The results are conclusive: heart-based focus and living will have a direct effect upon the way we experience 2012 and our time of change."

    "If we live life focused upon all of the bad that could happen, we may miss the very life experiences that could actually KEEP those things from occurring."

    "It's the heart-based emotion of the world's population that results from such events that seems to be influencing the magnetic fields of the earth...The heart's magnetic field responds to the quality of emotion that we create in our lives...strong collective emotion has a measurable impact on the earth's geomagnetic field."

    The book is actually scientific, which points directly to our consciousness.

    Yes, I will email you.

  23. But there's talk of 2012 and the Earth's geomagnetic field... neither of which are important to our lives, right now, in the moment.

    It's 2011.

    There are so many theories out there that lead people away from their own experience, when it's that experience which will inevitably change the world for the better.

  24. Ahhh, yes, you are so very right!

  25. Once again, you have touched the heart and mind with your writing. Personally, you have been an inspiration to me, thank you!

  26. Thank you, Gerry! Mutual appreciation society, of course! Love your blog. :-)

  27. Thoroughly enjoying reading you Les! My own light dawns slowly but I am beginning to get the message from the Universe that "waking up" is actually "growing up"...and that the "new news" is that the internet enables those of us in the same phase of development to enjoy our "Aha moments" together, globally at any hour of the day or night. The epiphanies are not neccesarily unique, just the scale in which we can communicate and share them...which is a relief to me...as my definition of "cuckoo" is just simply being alone with my own thoughts for too long. Chances are, as giddy or as dark as they can be at any given moment, I am not the only one to ever have had such a notion. As Doris Lessing said: "Writing about oneself, one is writing about others, since your problems, pains, pleasures, emotions—and your extraordinary and remarkable ideas—can't be yours alone. [...] Growing up is after all only the understanding that one's unique and incredible experience is what everyone shares." There was a time when finding a like-minded thinker articulating thoughts very similiar to mine would have made me insecure and not "special" enough. Today, I take great comfort in knowing others are at roughly the same point in the journey as me..and that we each have our own voice in which to contribute to a full, rich chorus. My own blog of today, while in a different pitch, is in some ways singing from the same sheet music as yours...as a friend said to me today: "When I am in my 'head,' I am outta my mind." Rock on Les!Look forward to beaming in on you now and again from the Boston area!

  28. Ah, wonderful, Meg! Yeah, I do wonder if it's the advent of the Internet that is bringing people together who are going through this process - perhaps it's always been happening?

    I would love it if there was no need to write anything about awakening or spirituality or peace in my blog, because everyone was on the same level - I'd have to find something else to blog about, though. :-)

    Will check out your blog in a little while... just about to meditate! Ohmmmm... ;-)

  29. Hi Les! Oops, I did not mean to imply there is no need to write about awakenings! Au contraire! Wherever we are on the path, we need to know there are kindred spirits, teachers and students! I myself can be all three in the span of ten minutes! Ya never know which voice is going to resonate! And I think you are right on that we are in the midst of a collective awakening...as the world was in the mid-19th century, with the "awake" movement numbering eight million strong! Then...now...2012..all good! Bring It On! : )

  30. Noooo... I didn't think that... I just meant it would be excellent if everyone was on the same level, the species had grown up and used its war chest money on something much more positive and productive. :-)

  31. Great post remininding us that "we are the change." All the 2012 halabalu reminds me of Y2K and the fear it generated, yet there wasn't mass chaos and we continued to exist. My prayer is that people use their fear of what "could be" and FINALLY awaken and take action/responsibility so they transform themselves into the conscious co-creators that exists within them!

  32. ...thank you, for sharing this, as the 'key' to it all is:

    "You are the key component in the transformation from a violent, greedy, ever-judgemental society, towards a veritable heaven on Earth."

    Once this realization sinks in to people's minds it will hopefully take root and grow!

    My firm belief is if we all work together for the mutual benefit of all people, that we can get our species moving toward a new era for mankind.

    As John Major Jenkins has written, Vincit omnia veritas...Truth conquers all. Let go of illusion, Stop feeding fear...The materialist delusion has run its course...

    Fiat Lux!
    Roger ☺

  33. I agree, Jana, except perhaps let go of the fear of what could be, rather than use it. Fear has never been a very useful trait, unless being chased by a crocodile or something - though that's instinctive fear, which can be helpful, rather than psychological fear.

    I believe it can happen. :-)

  34. We have so much promise, Roger... the species is in this adolescent phase and if we can get through it without destroying ourselves... imagine what we can achieve? :-)

  35. Hi Les ~ Only skimmed but enjoyed :). You are a deep thinker. We need more of those as well. Thanks for the read.

  36. Thank you for reading, QT! :-)

  37. Love to read you Les. You have such good posts. I agree that the human experience is at its adolescent stage. We have been reckless, irresponsible, rude and selfish long enough.

    All of us should become aware that our own thoughts and actions have an impact. I believe that the practice of compassion and meditation as well as caring for the environment are actions which will promote world peace.

    Let's built this world community together.

    Stefan (bikegypsy)

  38. I totally agree, Stefan... we can climb out of this hole, if we wish, but we have to open our eyes to see where we are and where we can go.

    I'm writing a post about judgement and the lack of compassion at the moment... how prevalent it is in the world, and how much we would improve all our lives if we reversed that to non-judgement and compassion. Such an easy switch and such massive change would come from it.



  39. Great! Can't wait to read it.
    About the subject, our perception of lack of compassion - not that it's none existent but rather acknowledged - could very well stem from the fact that awareness is on the rise. When I apply this to my own life, I became more compassionate the moment I realised that I was not practicing it on a regular basis and applying to everyone. Before that, I was doing selective compassion; only doing so with certain people based on certain criteria.


  40. Another amazing entry ... I am so inspired by your writing Les that I penned a poem after reading this entry. I have dropped it to you via Facebook.

    What can I say... but I have been so far unawakened that I had no idea of any 2012 hullaballoo til reading this blog. My own awakening began just before my brothers death in 2010 with the writings of Paulo Coelho and just 3 months ago I feel I had my 'eyes open' moment ironically whilst reading a book about relationships called Passionate Marriage.

    I am focused on the here and now, focused on the moment, because in reality it is the only thing that exists. There is no past. There is no future. There is only now. It's kind of mind blowing and yet not.

    Something happened to me when I held my brother in my arms as he died. I was changed forever and it set me on a path of transformation. 12 months on and I feel I finally get it and can live it. In the present, this moment as I type on this keyboard, this moment as I listen to the cars outside, this moment as I feel the vibration of my mind, this moment is all that exists.


  41. Well written and entertaining. I am in mind of Shakespeare who said,, "Tommorrow, and tomorrow and tomorrw, goes by in this petty pace..... to the last syllable of recorded time.. signifying nothing.. " -well that's not all of it just the sallient points to me.. He was great Zen master who didn't never mentioned he knew of Zen, at least by the word "Zen". Yes, I awakened around 1981 and realized that awakening we not something that happened, but continues to happen! We never really "arrive" at enlightenment, because we're already there. 2012 will either enhance the realization of each step of the journey, blow our minds, or do nothing.. Nothing? Now that's an interesting concept.. Concept? Nothing cannot be a concept or anything, because it is nothing. Best to stop thinking... probably! :-)

  42. I liked to look forward to infinite possibilities and not dwell on the passing moment. Now is the future. Thank you for the lovely post. I look forward to more. Aloha.

  43. I'd say the same is true with me, yeah, Stef. Although, mostly, it's an instinctive thing, there can be distractions in your own life that mean you have to actively practice that compassion again... just to bring yourself back to awareness - like taking a deep breath, I suppose. :-)

  44. You are doing great, Bronny. I'm sorry for taking so long to reply to your comment... but it's wonderful to read your words here - particularly that last paragraph. :-)

  45. Hehe, thanks Derek! I mentioned one of my friends acts like a Zen master, even though he's an atheist - what we have, at the core of us, is a shared thing and there need be no belief system to find it within. People who actually do set themselves on long paths are only ever going to circle back round to the moment of discovery... in the moment.

    My instinct says 2012 is going to be bad, but for very human rather than supernatural reasons.

  46. Thank you for your words. It is true people all over are waking up. It's great to hear it affirmed, as I am waking up and feeling a bit alone. It's comforting to see that others are aware too.

  47. I wrote a piece about my waking up. This is part of my poem.
    My heart has been asleep for most of my life time.
    One day my soul woke up...
    The experience of loss and realization of how rich one moment can be, gently rocked me into a conscious state.

    Thanks, Les.

    Melanie Jones

  48. So fun, funny, and just wonderful! I love the truth in this and the adorable, fun delivery. Wonderful writing!

  49. We all don't know future-------so enjoy your present and forgot future activities.

  50. You will die if you worry, and you'll die if you don't. Therefore live life to the fullest.

  51. Interesting post, as always. It's all just the next adventure. Love, hope and charity, but the greatest of these is love. If we do not learn to love all, we will forever be on the losing end. All things are eternal. The great change is in perspective.

    You have a very interesting perspective.

  52. Glad to know you at Twitter as it lead me to your words here. Thanks - with eyes wide open! :)

  53. This is why it's so important to live every moment to its maximum.
    L.K. Watts

  54. Thanks Les - your blog was the answer to a prayer this morning - I needed a reminder. x

  55. yes....we are in the same room and staring at you:)thanks

  56. Waking up to me is discovering that there is no them, although I have a hard time in a world that seems to want to continually define a "them". I am glad that so many people are choosing a new path. It is hopeful and heartening, and we desperately need a new way.

  57. I think maybe I was just born this way. Lol I remember being a little kid and thinking about some of this and about how connected we all are. I have this idea that we spend so much time introspecting (is that a word?) and trying to figure out where we ”fit in” that we miss out on making the interpersonal connections that strengthen us as a whole. Our value is not in who we are as individuals, it's in the connections we make with others. To quote something I've said before, we aren't puzzle pieces with one and only one place where we fit. We're like Christmas tree lights, all strung together and our purpose is to find a dark spot to light up.

  58. Hi Les,
    I enjoyed reading your blog this morning; truthfully one of the only subjects that brings me understanding and a content feeling as well. Sure, how selfish one may say and would more than likely not agree with me. Everyone sees things in a different perspective, and no, my thoughts are completely the opposite of selfish. Most would agree that the time has come for this wicked world to finally end whichever way it maybe. No, of course I am not referring to our beautiful earth, for she has been kind, loving and nurturing towards us all, even the evil themselves. Once again it is time for mother earth to cleanse and replenish herself of the viral infection known as mankind, which has caused a slow deterioration just within the last century.

    I work in a hospital, so for the past 16 years I have seen pain and suffering, but that is not why I feel the way I do, I have felt this way since I was old enough to watch the news. One day I was speaking to one of the nurses regarding 2012; to my amazement she was completely oblivious to that subject and I thought everyone knew about it. After I told her what was expected to happen, she began to cry and said she could not handle seeing her daughter die. I hugged her and looked into her eyes and asked her a few questions. I asked her, when you go home at night you say hello to your daughter, give her a kiss, feed her dinner and tucks her into a comfortable bed, don't you? I explained to her that she sees her daughter smile everyday, take her to the doctor when she is sick, then she feels better, celebrates her birthdays and holidays while able to buy her beautiful things that make her daughters eyes light up. I then explained to her that there are people all over the world that can not even give their child a daily meal, and some mothers sit and watch all of their children dying at the same time. She agreed me and hugged me and said she felt sorry for what she said about seeing her daughter die. I told her do not be sorry nobody wants to see their child die, but be thankful that you will be right there with her, hugging her and telling her you love her. I said to her 2012 is not the worst thing that can happen to mankind, it is what is happening now.

    My brother and I were having a conversation one day and I remember feeling so depressed and tired of living because of the way I felt that day, and I started to think about how some people live and feel like this everyday all day, even worse then I of course. We hung up with each other and he text me right after and said, stop being depressed life is too short. In a return text I stated, yes that is true for some, but life can be too long for others. That was over 2 years ago and he has not spoken to me since. That situation which occurred between my brother and I, seemingly small to some but huge to me; he is my little brother whom was like my best friend. Anyway, it made me understand life a little better; some people cannot handle the truth and would rather live in some kind of fairytale land than to know the truth.

    I will be 43 years old on 12-21-2012 at 3:30pm, so I wonder if I will actually see 43 that day; meaning, is it going to come before 3:30 or is it even going to happen. Really though, 2012 is the least of my concerns because my main concern plagues my heart daily, it is the pain that people go through every day, seriously I cannot even watch the news; everything from children missing and people being murdered all over the world for no reason, and even global warming is destroying our beautiful earth and where does that leave us. So nobody knows what will actually occur on that day; those that live on the earth anyway. So whether it be by God himself or the Anunnaki ( hope I spelled that right) Love will always prevail and conquer all, so those with a good heart and expect only good karma, have nothing to worry about. Just remember to love laugh and live,  but most importantly, never forget the golden rule, "Treat others the way you would like to be treated".

  59. I loved this. I'm not even sure why, I can't pinpoint it exactly, but I loved reading this. It was experiential. Though I didn't read it in my voice, I read it in what I think your voice would sound like(which is a good voice, by the way). Thanks for sharing this. I'm glad I made my way over to your blog tonight.

  60. Lovely post, Les! Some UFO-stlye, speculative posts about 2012 have been incredibly fantastical. We need to stay grounded, and try to live motivated by love, compassion and gratitude, and to shake ourselves awake from the collective slumber in part induced by our age of consumerism and media worship. I believe waking up, or finding ways to connect spiritually are as vital to the human spirit as breathing.

    And I'm not looking at Godzilla (yet!) so that's a plus! :) (It would be ace to see Godzilla though!) :)

  61. Les,

    I am on a journey. It would appear that your beliefs are much along the same lines as mine. I have a message for you. If one among us does not complete a very specific accomplishment, we will all perish. If, on the other hand, THE ONE achieves this accomplishment, our existence will continue at an elevated energy level. I am the messenger. It is pretty complex, and if it turns out you are THE ONE, you will understand the words. I have written them in a manuscript, which I am attempting to use to reach THE ONE, assuming existence. I know this doesn't make much sense, and it is a bit awkward coming out of the blue like this. Please at least take a look. I am not trying to "sell books", although my publisher has been patiently waiting for the sales of my manuscript to increase. I only want for THE ONE to get the message, so that the experiment - our universe and existence - may continue. Thank you for taking the time to read this. To view the manuscript, please click here: