Tuesday, 15 February 2011

One Year in Heaven

Today marks the first anniversary since my spiritual awakening in the early hours of the morning on the 15th February, 2010…

It has been a long year of learning – sometimes painfully, but mostly with a smile on my face and true happiness and peace in my heart, shining through from the soul.

I see life. I feel it. I am it. I didn’t recognise that before.

Now, it’s time to start teaching others… because I know that this ‘gift’ is in everyone and I feel it’s my duty to do what I can to raise the awareness of it to as many people as I possibly can.

The great thing is, you don’t have to believe in spiritualism, pantheism, religion or even Father Christmas to gain the benefit… all you have to do is believe in yourself.

This gift is just as much for atheists and people with ginger hair (who DO have souls, by the way) as it is for ninja monks and the Dalai Lama.

My intention is to provide a ‘gateway’ to further learning from the more established spiritual teachers out there… to ‘jolt’ people out of the unconscious world that most of us live in and show them – even just for a moment – where real life is… and it is always right here, right now.

Want to be jolted?

Okay… here’s my first practical experiment.

It would help if you were open minded about this, but even if you think I’m about to talk a lot of bollocks, you may very well be surprised by the results.

First of all, take a minute or so to reflect on your deepest, darkest memories or your fears for the future… the sort of stuff you don’t like to examine, and that keeps you awake at night? You don’t have to tell anyone but yourself, but just for a moment, dwell in those uncomfortable places of the mind.

Seriously, do that for a minute or so… look away from the screen and when you’re ready, come back.

Hello again!

Right, time to show you how to let go of what you were just thinking about.

I’d like you to watch one (or all) of these YouTube clips and watch them intently – turn up the volume and listen, too. Focus your complete attention on everything they contain.

Really, dedicate your focus, just for a few minutes… watch and listen…

Here’s a clip of two cats on a treadmill:

A puppy confronting his mirror image:

Four laughing babies:

*** Now that you’ve done that, you can either carry on reading, or skip to the *** marker at the end of the blog, so I can explain further about the experiment.

Not long after my awakening, I read a book by a spiritual teacher called Diana Cooper, called ‘A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws’. It was given to me by a great friend a few years earlier, but I never read it until after my awakening. I always knew where it was, but I’d never delved beyond the few opening pages. Reflecting, it was almost as if it was waiting for just the right time for the words to speak to me.

As I began to read through the various spiritual/Universal laws, I realised that I was already living by them. Rather than a further unfolding of revelation, it seems I was simply being reminded of what I’d forgotten… like sweeping sand off the ground that I’d always been standing on, revealing a mosaic that I’d always known was there, but the knowledge of it had slipped away from the forefront of my consciousness, until I thought there had always just been sand there.

Diana is an ‘Angelologist’. I have to say that communing with angels was not an objective in my life, prior to my awakening, but after reading the wisdom in her book, and with all that extraordinary stuff going on in my life, I thought I’d give it a go and ask an angel for more understanding of what I was going through - specifically, Archangel Metatron, who is said to act as a conduit between the human spirit and ‘higher self’.

I would go up to Scout Rock, in Lochgoilhead, sit and meditate, and ask questions.

I tried to explain to a friend…

“The Transformer that turns into a truck?” she said.

“No, not Megatron!” I replied. “Metatron – Archangel Metatron. And, anyway, it’s Optimus Prime that turns into a truck. He’s the good guy. Megatron’s evil.”

“You’ve become a Satanist?”


“You’re trying to talk with an evil angel?”

“No! Megatron’s from the Transformers and he’s the evil one. Metatron is an Archangel. He’s a good guy.”

“I’ve only seen the first film. I don’t recall him.”

“He’s not in Transformers! He’s an angel – an Archangel. Like Gabrielle.”

“So, you’re trying to talk to an angel?”

“An Archangel.”

“So, you’re trying to talk to an Archangel?”


“That really worries me, Les.”

*** If you really focussed on those videos, you will understand, now, that, even if just for a few moments, the sadness, worry, fear - or whatever else it was I asked you to remind yourself of just before watching - temporarily vanished from your consciousness. The pain stopped.

If you are aware of that, then congratulations, because you’ve just discovered the ‘off switch’ for the irrational, invasive, often destructive unconscious thinking process that blights modern society, bringing misery to the lives of billions and which in the main prevents them from experiencing the joy and happiness of true life.

Whenever you are in emotional pain, you have the option of flicking this switch and turning off the self-torture – because that is what it is.

Emotional pain does not exist outside your mind.

The only person who can hurt you, emotionally, is yourself.

If someone remarks that you have fat ankles and smell of bins, the offence taken and the ‘hurt caused’ is a psychological reaction where you actually allow those words or actions to be taken into your brain and processed into something that poisons you.

People can beat you with knotted rope, whack your shins with sticks and cause physical injury, but they can never, ever hurt you emotionally.

That is fact. Your ego will struggle against this, but it is undeniable.

Once you accept this truth, and now that you’ve discovered that there actually is an off switch, you are in a position to recognise that all the psychological crap that has been weighing you down for years and years has no place in your life.

All the sadness, the fear, the worries, the trauma and loss from the past, the anxiety for the future… none of it exists outside your mind.

So let it go...

You don’t have to watch funny videos of kitties to flick that off switch. You just have to live in the moment…

Be aware of your surroundings, of those you love, and of life.

See, listen, smell, taste and touch (though don’t do that to the woman in front of you in the supermarket checkout queue – you’ll get thrown out), and then move to the sixth sense - the greater awareness of the incredibly beauty of living and being alive.

Your brain is a tool and you are its master, not the other way around. Time to abolish the mental slavery and return to the freedom that is our birthright.




  1. Glad I discovered this site. Shall call back and browse some more.

  2. Beautiful and very true. Thanks for putting it in writing.

  3. Intellectually and spiritually I agree with what you are saying here. I know it is possible to reach that place of peace.

    I am not sure that it is as easy to do as your process sounds here. Yes, I can do it for brief periods of time. I know that I have let go of lots of pain from childhood incest but not in just a moment of flipping a switch.

    It has taken me years to go through the feelings before healing and being able to let go of them to find some peace in my life. I don't constantly live in the pain as I once did and there is still work to be done to release more. I believe we struggle in order to learn the important lessons that Life gives us.

  4. Yours is a remarkable (though, sadly, not unique) story, Patricia, and as I've inferred through Twitter, I think you have extraordinary strength and courage both to have overcome your own past and to provide such valuable support to others, now.

    But that off-switch does exist, and it could be a great help to 'survivors' of all forms of abuse and great adversity.

    I'm sure you'll agree that, years after your physical abuse ended, you were still a victim to those actions - because of the internal, mental process that you explain above. In essence, you continued to punish yourself during that long search for peace. This is not to say - not for a moment - that the continuation of that pain was your fault. It is simply the nature of the conditioned mind that 'traps' us into a recycling of painful thought patterns.

    I would love to talk with you more about this, but via email. I truly value your comment and appreciate you taking the time to write it.

  5. It's not really necessary to turn off those unwanted emotions. What's needed is to identify what is always there, throughout them, what is constant behind every type of experience, joyful as well as sad. This is what The Power of Now is about. When that is done, the unwanted emotions fall away by themselves and nothing is unwanted again.

  6. I agree, in the sense that there's a foundation of peace that all our mental construct is built upon, and that the awareness of that allows us to feel the underlying tranquility in every situation - but when the egoic mind is incessantly repeating and replaying scenarios from the past, what we perceive and accept as emotion can be as false as the critical over-thinking, and so perpetuate it. Realising you can turn it all off allows you to stand back on your foundation.

  7. If you are interested about my experience with Archangel Michael...it's spooky.

  8. Would love to hear about it! :-)

  9. To Berit's point: yes, there is a fine line between turning away from painful memories and simply accepting, embracing the painful events and integrating them into your life.

    Many years ago, I would have gladly taken a big eraser to certain events in my life, but now, I understand those experiences shaped who I am today, and I like that person. The pain is but a memory now, leaving me a stronger, more caring and compassionate soul.

    In short, I have taken rotten lemons and made sweet lemonade.

    :) Maria

  10. Yes, when the pain of the past is no longer pain in the moment, and becomes a benign curiosity that you occasionally inspect inside the mind, you see it for the truth of it - that it was a lesson. Not to be forgotten, but never to harm again. :-)

    I'm glad your journey has brought you to such a great place, Maria! :-)

  11. Thank you for showing me that there is an off switch. It's what I have been looking for and you reminded me of where it is.

  12. You're welcome, Mary! I hope it helps! :-)

  13. You're like a guru, I feel inspired already.

  14. We all have our awakenings and our spiritual journeys. As a child my path was open. I would curse the Christian God often as a teen, wanting so desperately an answer to all my questions, receiving only hollow whispers. These were important unanswered question, personal questions not worthy to concern the public with here. I finally told him (god) enough is enough, I'm tired of walking on egg shells with you, and I’m finding God elsewhere.

    About 10 years ago I was suddenly hit with a huge lump of stuff. There is no name for this stuff. Christians would call it the Holy Ghost, Zen Buddhist would call it enso, Hindus would call it Arjuna listening to Krishna (Vishnu ) and his manifestation of God in the Gita; whatever it may be as no words can describe it but I finally realized that God did answer me. God (or whatever you want to interchange it with 'life, love, etc") sent me on a wonderful journey to find God in all ways.

    In the day I had my awakening I wrote my Mantra


    I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (phil 4:13) Nothing in my world is real. The meaning of everything is the meaning I give it, and my experience is what I say it is (CwG Neale Donald Walsch)

    My pain and suffering is an illusion, for suffering is a state of mind. I am one with all things and all things are one with me. I am the man who has it all and the bum who asks for anything. I am the woman who is violated and the man who violates her. I am the new born child and as the dying old man. I am the man who orders the death of millions and I am also the man who brings freedom for millions.

    I am my body as I am the air I breathe. I am the grass and the trees that dance in the wind and I am the wind that is the cause of the dance. I am the rocks and the sand of the earth and the stars and galaxies of the universe. I am all things and all beings, I am all that is and all that ever will be. I am the past, present, and future, for all is happening now, all there is, is this moment.

    We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us, fore we are all one. Nothing in our world is real, for we have created this universe to experience all possibilities. The meaning of everything is the meaning we give it and our experience is what we say it is, for that is what this life was created for, to experience what it is like to not be God only to realize we are God.

    Twitter @thezenofgavin

  15. Fairplay, but if you try to explain that to the average Joe or Joanne on the street, they're going to run away! ;-)

  16. I agree with you 100%. I can still see Joe running now. But that is beside the point right? Preach, preach preach, that is what everybody does... the trick I guess is (or perhaps the hardest part of it all) to live the life you preach, to be able to turn on the switch as you so eloquently posted above and to keep it on. When it comes down to it we all know that without fear love is pointless just as without cold what would hot be? Knowing we need fear to experience love, how do we keep that switch on without losing the meaning of what love is... I guess that is what memories are for right?

  17. We don't need fear to experience love - far from it. I have memories, but there's no fear attached to them - yet I'm capable of feeling and expressing love.

    I live the life I write about, or I wouldn't write about it.

  18. Question: Do you think that without your experience before the woodpecker pecked you wouldn’t appreciate what love is now? I guess that is my point. Imagine a world that only knew love... what would love be then?

    You see a child abused by a parent and you weep for that child and fear for its future and then turn to your own child holding her tight with great love. These are the precious moments that remind us of life’s love.

  19. Your realm is philosophy and analysis... mine is in this moment, which is precious. :-)

  20. 'Smiles' I believe we may have misunderstood each other. As a zen practitioner a moment is all there is. The infinite ever present now. Whether we gather our memories from a night of scotch , cigar, and beer or a sheep and boy showing each other compassion from years gone by, either way we are writing in this moment. writing from our hearts. Love, fear, hot, cold, space and time don't exist, just this moment. If it appeared that I questioned your intentions my apologies.

    My friend I will stick with what my intentions were from the beginning... here is my Gatha in response to 'One Year in Heaven'

    A Moment in Clarity

    Heaven was always present
    The east wind howls often
    Weeds continue to grow
    Yesterday darkness shined
    Today I uncorked light
    With a jolt I lit up
    Awake now with a smile
    The garden needs weeding

  21. I explained in the 'First Rule of Lesism' blog that I've never studied philosophy, theology or psychology, so I can only write about my own experiences - not the experiences of others, or the philosophy, theory or practice that arises from their studies.

    I think too many people awaken and automatically assume they must cram their minds with new information about awakening, and by doing that, overlook the gift they've been given.

    I know people who are hurting themselves through this - instead of soaking up the peace, they hurl themselves into a new search... essentially seeking what they already had, but have left behind to the obsession that there must be more...

    We could live for a million years on this Earth and never learn all there is to know... so knowing enough to live, and live at peace, is what I advocate, because it's my experience - and my life has changed so dramatically for the better through this experience.

    Love the Gathas. ;-)

  22. Thank you for the post Les. I also had an experience where I received books from friends - even read some of them - and I'd "get it" on one level, but it didn't click with me until about two years ago. It wasn't like I got any new information, just that I was ready to integrate it I guess. My life didn't turn to lollipops and roses overnight and it's not like negative things don't happen, but I know now - because I've done it so many times - that I CAN turn that switch of negativity and blame and guilt (etc., etc., etc.) off and it's not as hard as you think. You don't need to meditate in a cave for years or study with a guru. It's simply a matter of turning to the good thought rather than the negative one. The more you practice this, the easier it is and the better life feels. I have bad days and sometimes I start letting things bother me but I know what to do so I turn my attention to the present and think the best thought I can find in that moment and immediately things start turning around. And the more you do it, the easier it is. Forgiveness seems to come naturally from this process because as another comment said, you love who you are and so don't hold grudges and resentment about what happened in your childhood, etc. because without all that, you wouldn't be who you are. Life is good and it's supposed to feel good and I absolutely agree with you that each of us has control over how we feel and what we do, say and think (and that's just about all we really have control over!).
    I'm glad I found your site and will visit again to hear more.

  23. Hehe, thank you, Natalie. We're of a very like mind, it seems - your summary is almost identical to my own experience, which I wrote down more clearly in 'The First Rule of Lesism'.

    Far too many people search long and hard for what is within, missing the peace by cramming their brains with information or looking ahead to a point where they 'hope' they'll find enlightenment - but it can only ever be found in the moment. :-)

  24. Great post.

    About twenty years ago I read something that's stuck with me and had been a guiding principle. I've attempted to impress it my kids, but it's likely they'er a bit too young.

    What I read was :"You wouldn't let anybody hop in your car and take control of the steering wheel, why would you let someone get in your head and drive your emotions. They're YOUR emotions."

    I like your cats on a treadmill method better.

  25. Wow! I loved the back and forth between Zen Moments and Les delicious glimspe into the mind of Masters, Love Love Love the whole blog as well.

    Funny how you run across seemingly random things on the internet that in reality are not random at all. We are all in the exact place and time we are supposed to be in every moment! The Universe just has to remind us once in a while!

    Thank you Les, I am a new fan and will be tuning in regularly to see and share with you.


  26. Thank you, Tony! I think that's a wonderful guiding principle and very true - though it's not just others who seem to be able to drive our emotions for us... we do it ourselves, unconsciously.

    The cats on the treadmill would bring world peace if enough people watched the video! Hehe. :-)

  27. Thank you so much, Joanne! :-)

    Yeah, a lot of people seem to have found just the right post on here at just the right time for them. It's humbling and gives me a big smile every time it happens.

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your read through! :-)

  28. Hey Les,

    Thanks for the post.. really helped me alot.. been very depressed these days and was thinking of how to get over it.. Now I knw... Thanks aloot..


  29. Top man, Les. Great and insightful writing.

  30. Hello Les,

    I like this advice and I'm going to act on it. Possibly I will have an awakening as well.

    Thanks for sharing!

  31. Hi Les
    I’ve really enjoyed gaining an insight to you wisdom and I do glimpse this for myself more than occasionally but the rest of the world still intervenes with harsh realities where I can’t easily find an off switch for my regret or feelings of injustice which is fuelled by real realities such as loss of income or situations where I can understand, forgive and accept myself but knowing that the other person(s) will continue to reflect on me negatively with real life consequences. I sometimes feel spiritual/mind freedom can’t provide the basic bread and water needed for me and my family to survive. How can these “real world” dilemmas not be all consuming and is there a danger that “freedom” is just an illusion?
    I don’t mean to be negative but these are the doubts that creep in and disturb any peace of mind I am able to create!

  32. It just sounds like the power to avoid stuff to me. Doesn't seem anymore empowering than watching an episode of Three's Company. Loved the cat's though. Good stuff. But like a comment said above, that is only temporary. Some of the negativity is hidden in parts of you that you can't even remember.

  33. I do hope "The Plan' and "Anonymous" come back to read more. Their comments are completely valid and finding the switch off button isn't easy to do when you are in the middle of consuming, genuine fears and worries.
    The reason to find it is that whilst we are feeling bad we can't think clearly and those feelings alone don't solve any of the problems. Our creative mind functions much better when we feel good. We can get a clear perspective when we step outside of the emotional negativity and are much more likely to find answers. If there really are no answers to be found right now, then being stuck in bad feelings is also not an answer but a drain on energy and health.
    Negative feelings are a signal to do something or they are just our brains stuck in a particular circuit that simply goes round and round. Breaking a pattern is not the same as repressing important signals. It is possible to learn how to step outside and get a clear perspective. This is the work that I do with my clients AND with myself, though it's not always easy to do it alone.
    Sometimes it's just healthy to take a break and laugh and be grateful.
    Thanks for prompting such an important discussion Les and thanks for the lighthearted break too.
    Here's to everybody's good health.

  34. It seems odd to me that each time I come onto twitter you seem to pop up. In the past I have always classed myself as being a spiritual person and healer. During which time the people I came into contact, were of like minds but with words of the wise or lessons to be learnt.

    Today you have entered my space. I feel from passed experiences - you have entered for a reason. Since my recent move four years ago, I have moved away from my safe zone and have allowed myself to wander from the path. Since then I feel I have been fighting with my inner self.

    I read your piece above and watched the videos and looked back over my past and "Yes, your piece above has relevance on my current situation which I believe is causing my spiritual block. Now I know what it is, I must do.

    So I shall 'thank you' for popping into my space - today.

  35. very interesting thanks for sharing. will read the book you referenced thanks.

  36. This is so me! Love this. Thank you. Especially the part about emotional pain, and me having the option of flicking the switch. I always, deep inside of me, knew this to be true, but it was really really hard to overcome the mental patterns, formed in childhood, later built up with more of some unwanted stuff. Meaning, it took a lot of outside surching, and then rewiering and transformation of old thoughts, belief systems. Just couldn´t find "the switch". Now, I know!!! No ONE, out there, can flick the switch for you. You and only you, do that for yourself! I AM the master of my brain, and no one else! That´s freedom :-)

    Peace :-)

    1. Thank you so much. How apt that I read this now. The immense power and beauty of an open mind and the liberating knowledge that there are other people out there and most of all the incredible insight that there is an off switch. How cool is that, that we have been afforded this luxury, this essential part of ourselves and above all to find this out and be able to use it today and for ever.
      I am just leaving years of alcohol and drug-induced hell, where my obsession with self was so palpable and debilitating, but in fact I've discovered that there is a way out. And that way out is an off switch that I'd forgotten about.

      I look forward to learning more. Bless you.

  37. Les, I love reading about your experiences with Angels. And ONLY because I know your experiences are genuine will I even venture to share something with you. I have photographic PROOF of my experience with the Archangel Gabriel. He saved my life from utter destruction. A&E BIOGRAPHY has approached me several times because they want to air my story and use my photos on their show, Ghost Stories. Not that you need it, but if you'd like to hear my story and see images that PROVE my story (you can see it yourself), let me know and I'll share it with you. Most people have no idea how REAL & involved in our lives Angels really are! :^)

  38. Hi Les, thank you for this very insightful post. You have obviously taken a great deal of care and effort to get the Spiritual message out there, crystal clear (which is no easy thing to explain!). Great job. I have been a spiritual consultant for 10 years, since the age of 16. I am trained as an Angel Therapist. Working with the Angels forms a huge part of my beloved career. If you feel like having a metaphysical/spiritual dialogue, you can get me on twitter or over at my blog. Looking forward to reading more of your insights and experiences. xx

  39. oh my Les, this has opened my eyes... and it will help me deeply... i hope... I have struggled for years and just need a change and just not sure how to do it and this helps... Thank you please keep sharing...