Thursday, 8 September 2011

Roll Call of the Awakened

I’ve written at length on this blog about my awakening, and - through sharing these experiences – have met hundreds of others who have woken up, too. 

Whatever is behind this shift of consciousness, it’s happening all across the world, to so many different people, spanning all demographics. It doesn’t care what your skin colour, income, social status or belief system is. Atheists are waking up, too. It’s a very human thing.

But, when it happens… to you… it can be quite confusing – even if that confusion is sitting far in the background of the new joy that’s sweeping through your life. I mean, it’s not the normal sort of thing that happens to normal sort of people, is it? And when you try to express how you’re feeling to those close to us, you’ve got to forgive them for thinking you may have gone a bit crazy – because you wonder that yourself.

It’s easy to think, when it happens to you, that you’re alone… that you’re the only person going through these changes…

I’ve said many times that I wouldn’t have believed my own story if I was told it two years ago, and I know it’s tough for others who haven’t yet experienced this breakthrough of perception to believe those of us who have – but it’s real.

What I’d like to do here is ask everyone who has gone through – or is going through – their own awakening to introduce themselves in a comment, with brief details on when and how it happened to them. (I know Blogger is sometimes a pain, so if you can’t leave a comment, email your words to me at and I’ll post it myself.)

There are obviously many, many people waking up and many more yet to do so, so I think this would act as a warm welcome and a great comfort to those who are beginning to look at the world with fresh eyes, showing them that – absolutely – they are not alone.


  1. The first big step was while I was fly fishing in the canyon near my home. Complete disassociation of body and spirit, total knowing, total silence, incredible peace and joy. Next big step came at a medium's/psychic's gallery reading. Moving on from there. Some things really are undeniable.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing, Dean! :-)

    It's extraordinary that whatever the story around our awakenings, all of us can recognise that same peace, joy and silence. :-)

  3. When recovering from bulimia I started exploring my spirituality and realised that life was about love and connection.
    In the process, my whole life crashed and burned but now I am awake, alive and whole and I would go through it all again to get to this wonderful place.

  4. Thanks, Kate! Once you get here, it was all worth it... I totally agree. :-)

  5. I unconsciously loaded my little wooden wheelbarrow with [T N T}---҉ sticks my whole life and one day I woke up and noticed this huge mountain of [T N T }---҉ sticks… and when that wheelbarrow is going to explode I will be full of tiny wooden splinter… ‘I need help,’ the thought came into my mind. For a long long time I received psychological therapy and I read a lot of books…all kinds of books. Each day one [T N T }---҉ stick disappeared from the wheelbarrow till there was nothing left. One day I just decided I can’t push along an empty wheelbarrow and I started planting it full of beautiful flowers… and, now, I’m sharing those beautiful flowers with everyone!

  6. That is wonderful, Ari. I'm so happy for you, and for the flowers and the nurturing they receive. ;-)

  7. Yes, I have - a couple of times I guess. The first time when I was a little girl and felt a pull to pray (it's a long story ). Decades later I have moved on from standard Christianity and followed the pull towards the Numinous, and have quite frequent moments when I feel totally connected to everyone and everything around me. I guess it began with hills... but since I was a child I had felt this immense sadness when I saw old people walking their dogs... now I just feel I am aware of their mortality as well as my own. Hard to explain but I think people here will 'get' it.

    Interestingly, I find it hard to find a man who's up for romance as I'm now too pagan for Christians and my spirituality scares the sh*t out of the rest! lol

    Deepak Chopra's writing has been very instrumental in my journey.


  8. You know its always the word 'spiritual' that has me running screaming for the hills :)

    Does this awakening have to have happened in a short time span? My re-awakening (see even the word 'awakening' sounds a bit too religous for my atheist brain) feels more like a slow pulsating stream, with rocks to manoeuvre around from time to time and logs and branches that come and go.
    I also prefer to see it as 'humanistic', that it's just accepting everyone and everything for what they are.

    Sorry to interupt your roll call with my heathen ways :) Just thought a different view might inspire further comment xx

  9. Waking up!!!! came with a moment of clarity...that was so vivid~ like a flash bang...but went away just as fast. When it disappeared, all I knew was that I had to do something different,that there was so much more to this existence than I could see & being afraid of the unknown was no longer with me..after that it was a gradual process..& still is EVERYDAY....I experience a new lesson...& am grateful..

  10. My awakening came to me over 10yrs ago through depression which led to an out of body experience. I progressed to medium-ship through meditations and felt one with everything. Time moved and so did I. I became a mother, a wife and lost myself again to a very bad relationship. I switched off as much as I thought I could but yet the oneness never really leaves. I just chose to ignore it, then recently I started my meditations again on the same level I did once before and now I am feeling more myself and no longer hiding what my abilities are and I'm now writing up a storm. My writing is from spirit and I hope one day people will get the chance to read my book. I live in North Carolina and I'm not as well received as I was back home in England, but this only makes me stronger and ready to live in my truth. Accepted or not!
    Thx for reading guys:)


  11. Hello Les:

    I had a pretty big illumination in 1996. Opened me up to use gifts I had expressed only now and then in my life. I started to heal with the Light and have performed many miracles, although for me it's no big deal. Learned alot and amazed myself at many times.

    Don't take any money for anything I do or sell myself only help out when life sets up meetings with others in need of my services, so many don't take me so serious. I like it this way, Life is often magical and I have many moments of joy.

    Take care,

  12. Hi Les. I'm one of the ones who thought they were as enlightened as can be, but a few years ago after speaking to a close friend I discovered I hadn't healed a lot of past pain. When I took the steps to do that by going to counseling, I woke up more and more each day. I think when we "pack away our pain" we can never be our true selves. Great topic!

  13. Thank you, Gill! There's definitely a heightened respect and awareness for nature in this. I love the mountains, too, and I've had so many comments on them, relating to awakening. :-)

  14. Hey Paula! Hehe... I didn't mention spirituality in the blog at all, and did say it was a human thing.

    I don't think it matters who or what you do or do not believe in - when knowledge and the shouty mind fall away, there's that same sense of peace. :-)

  15. Ellcee, a lot of people experience their awakenings that way... just a quick glimpse behind the curtain, so to speak.

    It sounds like you're doing great! :-)

  16. Thank you, Dana! I guess we share a similar route through to this shiny place, but all's well that ends well, eh? :-)

    We should never hide who we are, but I can relate to the repression of your gift when life overwhelms us. It's all still there in the background, though.

  17. Cheers, Mike!

    I'm in a bit of a dilemma about making money from my writing, in that this has become a full-time pursuit and I need to live, too.

    I balance it up by thinking, if I had a 'proper job', I really wouldn't have time to help others - not on the same level.

    15 years in heaven on Earth. That's wonderful. :-)

  18. Ello Tameka!

    I think there's a huge difference between burying pain and just letting it go, though most will try to cope with their problems by employing the former.

    In my (quite extensive) experience, counselling seeks to make sense of our destructive thoughts... like a chaotically untidy attic, with items piled and strewn everywhere... the counselling tidies all that into stackable boxes - freeing up space - but they're still there.

    I'm really pleased it helped you, though. :-)

  19. I was sitting on my porch in my cabin in the woods where I had been living at the time and I was a little tipsy I admit with red wine. I was in my mid 20's and there was a stream nearby. I was just sitting there and a robin was on the tree in front of me and for a moment - not long - I felt like I could feel what it was like to be the robin and the stream and the tree and the water. I suddenly "knew" all at once in not a linguistic way - but in a sudden all-at-once way that I was just a part of something larger than myself and shared in the flow of everything that was going on around me -
    It didn't last long. I dont' remember what snapped me out of it - but I had a reverence for other living and non-living things after that that I had not had previously. It was the basis for everything that I think about since - that it is not just me when I make a choice or when I fail to act - I am part of "it" and it is part of me and we are not separate. This goes on from here - but that was the initial moment. -Anonie

  20. Brilliant description, Anonie! I get that on mountains, too - that I'm part of the hill and the sky. :-)

  21. It was when I noticed I began my mornings with the same thought..."what is this all for'. I smacked depression out of my mind and drove to the mountains. I felt more liberated at the realization 'I make it worth my while to appreciate life'. Four Agreements and daily inspirational quotes remind me all the time.

    Great blog! It's been a while since I have commented in one.

  22. Ah, mountains again!

    Sounds like you're doing great! :-)

  23. HI Les,
    awesome article!I thought I would share with you my awakening experience...or one of them x
    I called it- The Universe is Music-

    love Arna

  24. Spiritual growth can happen in a blink of an eye, over the course of a lifetime or over the experience of several lifetimes. People are waking up all over. You are right. The children coming in now are retaining their spiritual aliveness and cellular memories something adults all over are going through right now as we go through this time of transition. We have a blog for parents who are choosing to raise their children with an awakened state. Glad to have found your blog. Love all the comments and introductions. Signed up as followers. Let's connect on Twitter as well. @intuneparenting Sending everyone love and light during their transition and growth. As we all know change isn't always easy but once you change your perception and beliefs and look through a different window there's no going back.

  25. A process for me that started 18 years ago when my life blew up in my face -- death, betrayals, emotional breakdowns. Fought it like crazy but found myself one morning waking up with all the old bitterness & anger just beneath the surface and heard a voice saying, "You got to be a source of love and support for these people in the worst days of their lives and you have a problem with that?" In that instant, the darkness lifted and I saw what love is really about. Can't say I didn't have other bad days, but I always knew that moment of pure love would visit me again.

  26. My life has often been about
    destruction and chaos,
    a walk into dark alone.
    It isn't pleasant there,
    the words I write often stink of death.

    I make no sense alone.

    I want to be in a wild place,
    sit and watch the creatures
    go about their day,
    together with their otherness,
    a union of sorts
    within a bursting ecology.

    It is sometimes hard to believe
    in a tangible, realistic faith.
    But I find it sometimes
    hidden in my dreams.

    When mindfulness awakes me
    I write of safety and peace.

    I think we have to find an end
    in that devastating trough.
    To make a choice of life over death.
    To finally be able to see
    is such a wondrous gift.

    I enjoyed your post today,
    and to know that there is
    indeed some hope.

  27. Hello Les:

    I only refuse money because I was instructed not to and accepted thge assignment since my work was to give the gift of the heart. I have taken money for lectures in the past and have normal work to supply my finanial needs. I have accepted gifts a few times,but this is rare.

    This works for me and each one has their own work based on inherent abilities developed over centuries of training & experience. I do not know how connected you are although I have the ability to find out, I respect others and never peek. I've left than to the one's who get off on playing the role of guru.

    Take care and best wishes for your life's work,
    ps: God will never judge you or demand anything of you, not even to bow. Judgement, these needs to be admired or respected are purely needs of Man and these conflicts are the realm of ego. Take it easy and enjoy your life.
    The normal everyday living is the quickess path to the Divine.

  28. Hi Les, I am glad to know that I am not the only volcano waiting to erupt lol it feels like this uneasiness right in the center of me and it's this weird feeling that I should be doing something all the time and the something is just being me. It's weird *shrugs

  29. Wanted to add more..hope that's ok?

    I think I prefer 're-awakening' as my term because I feel now (when fully peaced out) as I did as a child.
    And I think back to some of my teen years when some days I just had to escape and I would go to the suspension bridge in Rickerby Park and stand looking down at the water for hours, instead of going to college....then I discovered drugs and it was a whole new escape. The really bad days started when I felt I had no escape and felt trapped, and couldn't see water, or trees, etc.
    I think after my 3rd child I just felt "well this is your life so deal with it" and it helped, it also helped that I lived right by a canal and just went there and watched fish and herons and it was peace again.
    I now just carry these images in my head so when I'm feeling 'wrong' I conjur up my canal and my river and my mountains and my trees :)

  30. Well for me Ive always felt above the pains of this earth, although I have had to go through the pain in order to see above it!

    Whats confuses me is the whole notion of having that "One moment", that one moment has always eluded me and yet I have all the knowledge and capacity of thought to know my true path! I know I walk and talk with God all the time! I am totally aware of the small gifts the Universe share with me in every moment of the day! I pay my gratitudes daily and encourage others to do so!

    So where is my epiphamy? Where is my moment when I get to feel that calmness and peace?

    Im not complaining really, there is no mistaken I am signing in for role call!


  31. In the late ‘80’s, I was married to a woman who bore two girls that I loved more than life itself. This woman proved that monogamy would not be a prevalent factor in our relationship. Matt and Paul, two attorney friends of mine, were infatuated with her, to the point of ending our friendship in order to pursue her affections. Devastated at the futility of this situation, I sought the advice of a Buddhist friend of mine, Dr. Jae Man Lee. For many days, we shared hours-on-end discussing possible outcomes for this predicament. Finally one day at home, the bridge could bear no more weight, and broke – I left home a total emotional wreck. I took a cheap, run-down apartment with scant furnishing and dirty linen. I meditated for two weeks until the epiphany occured. A sense of peace and serenity overcame me … my roots, my friends were the answer. In a convalescing state of mind, and bearing the philosophy of a wise man, I took a twenty mile walk to my home town. And, during this walk I mapped out a plan of action that would gain sole custody of my daughters in the course of the next eighteen months, despite the free legal counsel of two lawyers. Sometimes it’s just a simple matter of knowing where you belong, and the company that you keep that can change the course of history. My girls are grown now and never knew there mother, she left without a trace, never to know the beauty she left behind.

  32. Hi Dean,

    This seems to be happening to more and more people, all of the wireless technology about and sleeping with mobile phones beside the bed and so fourth could be a cause I suppose but am not sure. I don't suffer from it but when I was 15 many years ago I had an out of body experience. I awoke at 01:59hrs and was up at ceiling level looking down at me (weird)the room was illuminated but the bulb wasn't on and my two dogs were fast asleep as well. Nothing happened as such I awoke at approx 02:02hrs. Served no purpose that I can tell, but thought I would share as it wasn't a dream.

    But on the dream front I have a dream everynow and then that is eactly the same, I'm on an old steam train in the last car, the train heads out on to a viaduct bridge with a river below it and I see the engine come off the bridge and then the car's one by one until mines flips up and I land on the window looking straight down at the river and I wkae up same point every time, every details of this dream is the same each time and yet I've never been on a steam train or on a viaduct bridge? Strange Dr said it was related to anxiety? Who knows


  33. I'm sorry, but I can't post much detail, just in case it isn't anonymous! Suffice to say, I am a different person today to the person I was seven and a half years ago! A spiritual awakening is the only thing it can have been! Thanks!

  34. Every one of us gets there in his/her own way. The key point in my journey was reaching a point where I only WANT things that feel good and try to always FEEL like I already have them. That said, for the moment we are where we are and it's ok. Not minding what happens is an indicator of great progress. No religion or theology in it unless we choose to include it.

  35. When my daughter was diagnosed with a potentially very serious illness it brought me to my knees. When I got back up I was awakened at a very deep level. Now the trick is to be awake and visible. I have a gift the universe wants me to share. I am learning to be brave and bold and brilliant. It is a walk in faith that requires a new awakening each day. It is a beautiful thing. Spirit helps me everyday to be just a little bit more visible with my passion and my gifts.

  36. Attending an Ehama ( medicine wheel in N Devon some 14 years ago. Just sitting in a teepee listening to ancient translated Cherokee (Tslagi) wisdom I suddenly saw right through the ages of our Mother Earth. Wide awake, no 'chemical enhancements' just pure vision. It stays with me. I knew what it was like to be primordial mud, a single cell, a a small crawling thing on the ocean flaw, all the way through to mankind. It has affected my entire life.
    mark747eagle / Twitter

  37. The beginnings of my awakening came 10 years ago when I was living in a foreign country and completely disillusioned with religion, life, and carrying the burden of a past trauma. I went through transcendental meditation, emotional freedom techniques, Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Swami Sivananda, Buddha, Khalil Gibran, The Kybalion, The Emerald Tablets - all on a search to finding my self. I'm still not there completely, but my eyes, ears and mind are a lot more open than they were 10 years ago. Thanks for sharing and allowing us to share. I'll post a blog on my experiences some day when I'm old(er) and grey and have the inclination to do so. Love & Light

  38. In 2007 I lived in California and was recovering from overwork in film industry. I was looking forward to taking some time for myself but ended up not being able to sleep for 2 weeks because there was a tall dark spirit that stood by my bed that wouldn't let me sleep until I wrote down a story about a girl that moved from Cali to Norway. I was too exhausted to argue and though I thought I had gone insane, I agreed to do it just to get some sleep. In 4 weeks I had a 400+ page novel about a girl that moves and her awakening. So when I was done with the book, my friends told me I had to take a trip to Norway to see if it was really like I wrote in my book. 5 minutes after arriving in Norway I realized the book was about me. Things I wrote about in my book started happening to me though I hadn't told anyone why I was there etc. I cried a lot feeling like my life was out of control but most people told me to just surrender and see where the road took me, that I had nothing to lose. I still live in Norway and found my husband and living my dreams here. I am very grateful to the spirits for intervening in my life and leading me to my future. But I could not have known what would happen and was really really scared when things began to change for me. Now I see there was nothing to fear. I hope others take the time to listen to the voices that are trying to lead them to their future.

  39. Hi, thank you for thought-provoking post. As a self-help/alternative spirituality publisher for over ten years, I've read and heard so many stories about awakening and ascension you could fill the sky with them. :)

    Something I've observed over ten years of reading stories like these is that that we tend to think we've "arrived" when we experience the sensation of awakening to oneness. Experience has taught me that the shift in consciousness isn't the destination, it's just the gateway to the journey of authenticity.

    Also, a tip from a long-time editor to writers interested in this topic. Be careful not to sound condescending or to imply that those at a different stage in their journey are somehow less evolved. That tells me straight away the writer still has a bit of work to do :)

    Thank you for a great thread. We should all do something practical and helpful with our bliss, I think that's the awakening the world needs. xo

  40. It's been over 2 years now since I rather suddenly lost my lifelong anger. That's certainly been an awakening for me. In one sense it has been very confusing because so much of my life was tied, in some way, to that anger.

    But in another sense, I've never felt so certain in my life! Few things invite clarity like having one's mind stripped naked before itself, without filters of anger that distort perception. I know who I am. I know what I want. I understand why. My mind is clear. It's a wonderful and joyous feeling.

    I wish I understood how to pass it on, but so far I have only been able to be patient, and wait for others to awaken by themselves.

    Thanks for all your tweets and posts.

  41. I have been blessed with many awakening moments. I have had powerful walking meditations, mind altering experiences in nature like entering into the ocean of consciousness, OBE experiences that opened me further, expansive experiences where the world around was altered. These all have come my way because I am student of consciousness that loves exploring. As I can see from the others, together each of us has added to the collective consciousness. It is a beautiful thing,

  42. My awakening came when I was 14, 1 year after my mother passed away, I spent that year meditating and processing my grief as best as mumma had taught me, then one night it was like I could feel a flood of light running through me, so i sat down, closed my eyes and focussed on white light, all night after that I sat and wrote, words flowing onto the paper, of unconditional love, awareness, evolvement, over and over, in some amazing trance, the feeling was golden,collective conciousness, spirit and a revolution in my heart, the feeling lasted for days, and yes it was a little hard to describe to others, but seeing people's inner smiles all around me was enough. Like when you look at someone and their soul smiles back.
    It was somthing that will stay with me forever, and when my own daughter is around that age, I will keep a close eye, and be ready if such an awakening comes tumbling down upon her.
    Since then, I have put the peices together, and am totally greatful for the puzzle life has given me.

  43. I think I'd describe my experience as more of a quickening. Starting very slow and throughout my life going faster. I understand the speed of light may no longer be a barrier, so i'm having a great deal of fun just imagining my ultimate velocity.

  44. Many years ago in college I was walking to class and had to stop and I felt a oneness with everything. It was a beautiful morning, It felt joyful and I was so happy that I stood there for a long time just enjoying it. It was strange because I had been having a terrible time with my family so it was unexpected. I think it changed my life.