Thursday, 23 June 2011

The First Rule of Lesism

The first rule of Lesism is that there is no Lesism.

It’s just a word.

There are no more rules other than that one.

I’m not trying to start a new religion or cult and the truth is that there are no members of Lesism – not even me… and if I joined, I’d quickly ban myself… unless Keira Knightley joined at the same time, of course. Then, perhaps, I would make it a shower cult… but I definitely wouldn’t invite any more members after that. We’d just soap each other and laugh.

I do, however, live by the words I write.

I wouldn’t explain the change from taking an age to get to sleep at night, to doing it in minutes, then lie in bed through the long, quiet hours, lost in my thoughts.

I wouldn’t suggest people snuggle their cats rather than shoo them; recognise that even what may be perceived as mundane can be beautiful, if you look at it from a fresh perspective; or live in the moment to experience true life… without doing exactly that myself.

I wouldn’t write about what could be termed personal tragedies, then explain the strength and peace that comes from understanding the duality of the mind, unless that was my experience.

I don’t look for sympathy… I just try to explain, because my life has been transformed.

I want to be a guide for others, to take them to this very simple truth we share.

I’m authentic. I’m true to myself and I’m honest in expressing that in my blog.

I’ve said a few times that I’m only 100% most of the time. I still have low moments – I am a human being, after all -  but I can shift out of them in literally the blink of an eye.

That’s my reality and it’s what I hope to be able to teach to others, by documenting my experiences and the remarkable shift in my consciousness since early last year.

What’s difficult to express in this blog is the massive change that has occurred since my awakening…

I know I’ve given insight into my past, but there are less than a handful of people on Twitter who knew me before this transformation.

I was lost. I was a mess. I never thought I’d escape.

I wore depression like a badge, with an accompanying card that I showed to everyone to explain why I was the way I was. I took my meds and accepted that life would never change… that I’d always be a depressive… and that someday I would fulfil a destiny of suicide.

Now, I’m happy nearly all the time… and if I’m not happy, I’m never far away from returning there, with a smile.

I’m resilient. Whereas I used to fall down and just lie there and whine whenever life threw me a punch, now I just stand back up.

And seriously… if you’d suggested, two years ago, that I would ever be like this, I wouldn’t have believed you. I would have said it was impossible.

Yet… here I am…

If you’ve read my Awakening blog, you’ll know that there was a very sudden shift in my awareness and I do firmly believe there was a mystical element to it… again, I’m certainly not afraid to tell the truth… the impossible happened and to this day it feels like a genuine miracle. I’ve been very lucky.

However, the guidance I would like to offer does not rely on anything except what you already have – because there’s nothing special about me that isn’t also special about you.

You don’t need crystals, a carp pond, perfectly aligned furniture, a library of spiritual books, a meditation chamber or a mystical friend with a special hat.

You don’t need to believe in angels, or unicorns, or friendly goblins, or god.

All you need is you.

To live a peaceful, happy life, all you need to do is distinguish between your reality, in the moment, and the thoughts in your head… to understand that you are life and life is around you and in you… and that those slashing memories that keep you awake at night and blight your days are just electrical patterns in an often dysfunctional, onboard computer – which you can control.


… some people aren’t going to agree with me on this, but this is my truth. It’s not a truth that needs defending and while I’m happy to discuss my experience, I’m really not going to argue about it.

This is my reality. This is my life. This is how I exist in a state of almost uninterrupted peace and happiness, rather than in a fog of constant self-torture and self-deceit, as I did for decades before.

I’d say, without ego, that I am of above average intelligence, but quickly add that I’m not the most knowledgable man in the world… and can be a buffoon at times.

Since my awakening, I’ve read four books on the subject of spiritualism – two by Eckhart Tolle and one each by Dr Wayne Dyer and Diana Cooper.

Although I know there’s an awful lot more to learn, for now, I’m not reading anything else on the subject – the reason being that I’m writing my own book and don’t want it to be a regurgitation of other teachings.

My awakening was almost identical to Eckhart Tolle’s experience, as explained in The Power of Now… but he, and both those other authors, have many, many years of study and practice to reflect on when writing their books. There was a period of some twenty years from Eckhart’s awakening to the publishing of The Power of Now.

Someone asked me on Twitter, last month, words along the lines of: “Do you really think you’re qualified to write about enlightenment so soon after your awakening?”

Without question, yes I do.

I think there’s great value in showing others that you don’t have to study for decades to achieve inner-peace; that you don’t have to pore through hundreds of books, trek to holy temples in the Andes or Himalayas, attend seminars, go on retreats or consult gurus to make sure your couch is facing the right direction.

If you commit your life to a regime of searching, you will search… and if you’re lucky, you’ll reach that moment where you understand that what you were searching for was there all along… you were carrying it wherever you went… and that you never had to search for it after all.

Inner-peace… this same blissful state I express the experience of in my blog… is available to you right now…

It’s there, now, waiting for you to remember the way in.

It’s… here… in the present moment… in your reaction to the Universe both around and inside you…

Immerse yourself in the moment and all of your fears and worries will dissolve. There is nothing here to hurt you, emotionally… just the joy and peace of true life, and happiness rises out of that state like water from a mountain spring.

You are not your thoughts.

You are the soul who thinks them.

You are the consciousness that witnesses all of this wonder.

For some, this blog may be enough to shift them through the dimensional doorway that leads to a new understanding of themselves, but others are going to be rolling their eyes and tutting loudly, while shooing their cat and constructing an argument in their mind as a reply to my words.

Arguments don’t interest me and I won’t give them my energy. This is my reality and while I won’t force my understanding on others, I am more than happy to offer advice and encouragement, where I can.

Something good is happening through this blog. It has surprised me that so many people are reading, and sharing, my experiences. It’s being read in 77 countries, now, and that’s incredibly humbling to consider.

For the first six months, up to the start of May, it had just short of 2,000 hits. In May, alone, there were 4,484 hits. So far, this month… since June 1st… it’s received an astonishing 16,928 hits.

My ‘Klout’ score is 74, with a ‘network influence’ rating of 79.

Now, I’m not mentioning these figures with a self-congratulatory smirk on my face, while simultaneously trying to pat myself on the back… but because I want to highlight the crucial component in this very encouraging start to what I want to do with my life from now on, and that is…


I’m just writing stuff, but it’s you that relates to it, shares it, comments on it and gives me the support and enthusiasm to keep typing away.

You’re the ‘network influence’. You’re the Klout score of 74. You’re the mind-boggling hit count… not me.

I know it may be a little frustrating when you see my ‘scheduled Tweets’ appearing in your Twitter timeline at all hours of the day, but I hope you can have patience and recognise the potential benefit of what has become a truly international endeavour.

Perhaps there will come a time when someone who is desperately in need of help clicks on one of these links at just the right moment in their life to draw them back from the edge of a darkness they couldn’t scramble back from.

The primary motivation of this blog is to help people realise that however bleak life may seem to them, there is a way through… and that peace is their birth-right, rather than a thing of luck and chance.

I’ve been to those dark places and here I am, now, Sunbathing. There’s no arrogance in saying that of course I wish to pull people back from the brink of suicide, or from spending their whole lives in misery, and I’m certain that one of these days, we’ll do just that…

… as a team…

… you and I and them…

… as One. ;-)


  1. The curse of being too intelligent, I know it. It's the source of all my ills in life. I've never been strong enough not to bend to people's expectations since I was a child and one thing led to another until the point my depressive attitude became chronic. Now I'm trying to re-appropriate of my life :)
    I'm glad I found someone who knows how it is and is not a know-it-all with years of study and PhDs, inaccessible as they always are ;)

  2. I think as long as there's no ego attached to the intelligence, it's not a curse. It becomes the gift it was meant to be... until the mind got involved and we unintentionally gave it authority to Lord it over us. ;-)

    That you write 'depressive attitude' indicates that you recognise it as 'not who you are'? I hope you've managed to let go of your own badge, too. :-)

  3. Its nice to see your blog getting read by so many Les. You have a very inclusive way about your writing and I think people are feeling it :)

    ...and yes, its all about the now. If we only concern ourselves with what is happening in this moment we move to a place where what happened in the past or might happpen in the future doesn't matter...

  4. Love this Blog post, Les! You are so refreshing! Not an ounce of pretentiousness or posturing, just your simple truth and a willingness to share it. Very powerful. This is what people benefit from indeed. I am not surprised your hit count is going off the scale. And I sense this is only the beginning!...

  5. thank you I love reading your blogs and you havve helped me so much x

  6. Thank you, Be - it's been a surprise that so many people are relating to the words I write, but a very pleasant one, of course!

    I think it's important to have our plans and intentions, but yes, if the species could put their focus on the moment they live in... we could actually see a peaceful world and a true humanity, working together instead of against each other.

    The spontaneous nature of my own awakening makes me believe that we could actually get to that point within our lifetime.

  7. Gosh, Srimati! That's high praise indeed, coming from you. I'm immensely humbled. Thank you! :-)

    I can only do what I'm doing, now, but I do have wider plans which I hope will help people on a larger scale, in time. But the concentration is on the moment and I'm sure things will grow from that attention.

    Thanks for the big smile! :-)

  8. I'm really pleased I've been able to help, Anon! Thank you for reading! :-)

  9. Great blog, I have really enjoyed really about your journey. Your words of encouragement is exactly what everyone needs to hear.

  10. Thank you! You're a great support! :-)

  11. Les,

    Brilliant insight from one who has experienced first hand the transforming power of living in the now! Bravo!

    Two quotes from your blog that resonated with me are,

    "… some people aren’t going to agree with me on this, but this is my truth. It’s not a truth that needs defending and while I’m happy to discuss my experience, I’m really not going to argue about it."


    "This is my reality. This is my life. This is how I exist in a state of almost uninterrupted peace and happiness,..."

    Thanks for following your heart and for re tweeting; that's how we met!

    Cheers my friend,

  12. Thank you, Derrick! :-)

    It would be great if the book I'm writing about this became totally redundant through everyone else in the world waking up. Hehe.

    I'm humbled (with a smile) by your support. You're a good soul.



  13. Good for you for sticking to what you believe. Nothing is a better feeling than being oneself.

  14. You are wondrous, Les. I feel very fortunate to have connected with you. Funny, as I was reading your post, Van Morrison was singing "Enlightenment" on my computer. We all define our own enlightenment, and I think you are doing a beautiful thing by sharing yours.



  15. Sometimes when you open yourself to the world and its naysayers, critics and skeptics something wonder-full can happen. That is clearly what is happening to you, my dear, beloved new friend and it pleases me enormously. You are raising the bar and I, for one, am glad to be part of Lesism, who cares what the rest think.

    Much love and admiration from The Fey Queen.

  16. Gosh, thank you, Eden! Likewise, I'm blessed with your friendship, too. :-)

    Wonderful song, and what a voice! :-)



  17. Hehe, thanks, Sidney! I'm happy to be open with my life and I do hope it helps some people, but falling into arguments to justify what is my reality really is a pointless exercise. I'm sure some people can run rings round me with theory, picked up from many long hours of reading, but this is all instinctive to me.



  18. Before you scramble for the 'unfollow' button, hear me out :-)
    You are frustratingly similar, albeit about 20 years junior, to me! Just so you know, that's a compliment... and very thinly veiled arrogance on my part. I'm sure you'll find similarities if you dug down a bit into my blog (find it on Twitter, you just followed me!).
    The frustrating part is the spiritual element. You've found your karma, or whatever, in spiritualism. I've found mine in Christ. Different? We'd probably both say, "no", out of political correctness and mutual respect!
    My sadness is that too many people have put 'religion' in a pre-defined box. My 'religion', in reality sounds a lot like yours. In terms of the epiphany we have both had.
    As I said, I just find it sad that, in most people's 'search for enlightenment', God is the first one scratched off the list - purely due to perceived reality.
    This is turning into a post! See, I told you, I'd be no good at being a flasher ;-)
    Anyway, we still good? Hope so mate. I like this blog.

  19. Hehe, thanks for your words, Mark.

    I have no qualms in saying I believe in a higher power, but I am certain that we are part of it, rather than separate creations of it.

    I believe in Christ, the prophet, but not in the Christian religion. I'm sure there's a great deal of spiritual wisdom in the Bible, but it was written by men and, so, subject to flaws.

    I simply can't comprehend why some devout Christians say the bible is the absolute, irrefutable work of god.

    I think that any god who would judge people to an eternity in hell for the sins of a lifetime... or for Christianity-perceived sins of such things as being gay... would actually be the most terrible monster in the Universe.

    I disagree and would say that most people who find enlightenment have a massive belief in god, or the source, or the Universe, or whatever else they like to call it.

    Quite the opposite of your thinking, but I've been considering recently that many people wake up and then attach themselves to religion because they feel that must be the explanation to the transformation in their lives... then they read and talk to other people of that religion and get wrapped up in it.

    That's fine, as long as their spirituality and humanity remains strong.

    I respect everyone's right to their beliefs, though, even if I don't agree with them.

    And... like I just said on Twitter... dinosaurs. Good grief! Hehe.

  20. Cheers for the reply! I think we've probably covered more ground, on this one, on Twitter in the last 5 minutes!

    My last comment: The 'monster god' most people refer to, doesn't exist! That's a human perception of Him, projected by humans who have the label 'Christian' (well, some of them!).
    I don't have the time, nor frankly, the inclination, for a theological debate, but I could have a reply for every protest about how unfair God is - disasters, children dying, even dinosaurs ;-) but that's not the point. That's all theology. Who wants theology? Not me, mate. I want something that works! That's what I've found. And it's that good, that I want to spread it (traditionally called evangelism!).

    Very briefly, on the gay thing, I think that's probably the biggest area of misconception of God. But that's another story! Jesus hung out with prostitutes and thugs. Just sayin'

  21. Wow, Les! Glad for your follow on Twitter and introduction to your blog. I can identify with much of this post, but even moreso with your comment above. I'm sure I will be a regular reader!
    Heidi @MyBeadTherapy

  22. Hiya, Heidi! I'm glad it's resonating with you. Great to meet you! :-)

  23. What works for you works for you, Mark - the same with me - so I respect that.

    But explain the dinosaur thing? ;-)

  24. Your blog is a source of encouragement for me, every article I read is just wonderful. Thank you for putting yourself out there and keep on doing what you do!

  25. Thank you so much, Meowie! I'm glad I can be of some help, and you can be sure I'll keep on writing! :-)

  26. Thank you for this post, it's a pleasure to meet you. I look forward to getting to know you better.